Baby Lock Accessory Feet

  • Felling Foot

    Felling Foot

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    This foot has a 4mm underfoot groove which is fantastic for making one-step, professional looking flat felled seams. This foot saves time and is great for garment construction, especially enclosed

  • Walking Foot Deluxe - Low Shank

    Walking Foot Deluxe – Low Shank

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    It’s perfect for projects that require greater precision, such as quilting and garment construction. This exclusive foot includes feed dogs that control and guide multiple layers evenly. It includes two

  • Zipper Foot - Invisible

    Zipper Foot – Invisible

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    For truly invisible zippers with a professional appearance, this is the right foot to use. The zipper coils actually act as the guide for this foot, allowing for perfectly positioned

  • Walking Foot

    Walking Foot

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    This foot has a set of feed dogs to help feed multiple layers evenly without shifting. The walking foot is wonderful for fabrics that stretch or slip easily, such as

  • Edge Joining Foot

    Edge Joining Foot

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    For even-sided stitching when joining two pieces of fabric, lace or trim, try this edge joining foot. It’s also great for narrow edge stitching and stitching seams directly into the

  • Free-Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot

    Free-Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot

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    The built-in spring prevents flagging and helps keep fabric flat and under control. This foot is excellent for precise stippling, meandering and thread painting techniques.

  • Free-Motion Echo Quilting Foot

    Free-Motion Echo Quilting Foot

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    Give quilting patterns, applique designs and other items a gorgeous frame of echo patterns with this great foot. The built-in clear disk with measured guides helps to create perfect free-motion

  • Couching Foot

    Couching Foot

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    Easily embellish projects with decorative yarns using the Baby Lock Couching Foot. The guides hold your yarn giving your hands more control for free-motion sewing.


    Candlewicking Foot

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    The Candlewicking Foot has a deep tunnel on the underside of the foot to aid the foot in feeding over a build-up of thread when using a candlewicking, decorative or

  • Ruffling Foot

    Ruffling Foot

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    Easily make and attach ruffles as well as finish your edge in one simple step. Add perfectly spaced ruffles to garments, pillows, and other home decor items. This ruffler foot

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