Husqvarna Accessories

  • Circular Attachment

    Circular Attachment

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    Sew a variety of stitches in a perfect circle for ornaments, coasters, decorative embellishments. Select a favorite decorative stitch. Stitch width maximum 1/4", (6 mm)

  • Texture Hoop

    Texture Hoop

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    Turns your special embroideries to spectacular!
    Your Texture Hoop is the perfect tool when you want to make unique embellishments on your quilts, sewing projects and garments. Use the hoop

  • Metal Hoop

    Metal Hoop

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    Hooping ready-to-wear garments is difficult or impossible due to seams, narrow areas or buttons/rivets. When using the Metal Hoop 180x130mm hooping won't be a problem!

  • Small Square Hoop

    Small Square Hoop

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    Embroider small designs quickly and easily in your Small Square Hoop. It is always best to embroider in the smallest hoop for the design, so now you have the perfect hoop

  • 200 x 200 Quilter's Hoop

    200 x 200 Quilter’s Hoop

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    The 200 mm x 200 mm Quilter’s Hoop provides a large square area, perfect for stitching embroidery designs within quilt blocks. A template is included, marked with both inches and

  • Do All Quilter's Hoop

    Do All Quilter’s Hoop

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    The Do All Quilter’s Hoop includes one outer hoop and two different types of inner hoops. The larger inner hoop marked “Light” leaves less space between the inner and outer

  • Designer Majestic Hoop

    Designer Majestic Hoop

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    Embroider larger than life designs without re-hooping! The extraordinary DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop measures 360 x 350 mm (14 ¼" x 13 ¾") and includes exclusive bonus embroidery designs.

  • Designer Splendid Square Hoop

    Designer Splendid Square Hoop

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    Embroidery area (120 mm x 120 mm)  x 4" 9/13 x 4" 9/13

  • Designer Royal Hoop

    Designer Royal Hoop

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    A variety of hoop sizes are available to stitch beautiful embroideries.  Choose the smallest hoop appropriate for the size of the design for best results and easy hooping.  (360 x 200

  • Endless Embroidery Hoop II

    Endless Embroidery Hoop II

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    Endless Embroidery Hoop II 180 mm x 100 mm

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